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Visiting Melody Lane Music Songbook is like enjoying a beautifully illustrated antique songbook. Custom, lovely MP3 files, lyrics and beautiful graphics adorn each song page. When you've had a hard day at the office or life seems too hard to bear, come to Melody Lane and be transported back in time to a more gentle, sweet, and relaxing world. If you love to sing and you love the old classic songs then consider joining the Melody Lane family. Because at one time my traffic here was so large I could no longer afford the server fees, I was forced to go private with the website. However a one time access fee entitles you to a lifetime enjoyment of some of the best music the world has ever known: these songs will still be sung and enjoyed one hundred years from now, while the music of our modern, unromantic time will be long forgotten. So gather around your computer and enjoy singing these wonderful old songs. It will make you smile and feel wonderful. What more could you ask of an online experience? - Jill, Creator, Melody Lane

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